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What is PowerShell Remoting?

Windows PowerShell® (codename Monad) is next generation of the command line interface in Microsoft Windows platform. Powershell does not provide remote access functionality in version 1. It is planned for version 2.

PowerShell Remoting is a light-weighted server-client application which allow you securely connect to a remote PowerShell host and run script interactivly.

It contains two components:
  • Server: A managed windows service component. It will listen at certain TCP port, accept incoming connections, authenticate client and provide PowerShell hosting environment.
  • Client: A managed class library. It serves as a proxy between the remote server user interface and local client user interface. It will connect to server, establish a secure channel, get user input and display the results.

Download Now!

  • Download Microsoft Windows PowerShell before using "PowerShell Remoting"
  • Download PowerShell Remoting beta

Some Screen Shots


GUI Client Manager


Login Process


Suspend server

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